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Good fundraising is not a transaction, it is a process. Pre-campaign planning and a feasibility study are the basis for the most successful fundraising campaigns.  Whether your non profit organization is small or large, in Greenville, Spartanburg or Asheville, the elements of our approach when properly applied will ensure you of your best fundraising results.

Readiness Planning
The nonprofit organizations that are the most successful are those that have ensured their own readiness before launch. Strategic planning, funding needs and priorities lead to the best “case” for support.

Feasibility and Planning Study
We test your priorities and campaign goal with the innermost circle of donors and provide important feedback and “buy-in” for the project. Our recommendations are reliable and the report provides a good barometer for determining capital campaign success.

Campaign Launch
Review of the steps for launch readiness provides you and your board of directors the confidence that you are ready to start your campaign.

Plan of Campaign
The plan is a campaign roadmap for its successful completion. It is detailed and includes every aspect and initiative, program and strategy needed to succeed.

Campaign Direction
We will guide your staff, campaign cabinet and board, and provide the best advice and tools, developed through years of practice and success.


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