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Community organizations provide lifelines for the important help we need, when we need it. Fundraising strengthens those lifelines. They provide food, shelter, emergency medical care, counselors and other necessities. They are there for us in all stages of life, working to ensure that we have the help we need. Most of these non-profit organizations rely on the private support and donations provided by members of the community and the occasional grants from sympathetic private foundations.

All non-profits rely on fundraising ideas and donated dollars to carry out their mission. Organizations including The United Way, The Salvation Army, Hospice, Meals on Wheels, The Red Cross, and regional hospitals are essential to every community. They are usually understaffed and in need of fundraising ideas that will make their organizations stronger.

We offer fundraising solutions you can implement. It’s about results, so from Greenville/Spartanburg to Charlotte, Columbia to Asheville and anywhere between,  your non-profit community organization is a lifeline… and we can help.


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