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Remembering, celebrating and discovering are all enabled by fundraising. The stated historical mission of Colonial Williamsburg is “that the future may learn from the past.” Art museums celebrate imagination, reflect life and inspire us to something greater than ourselves. Science ignites discovery and the need to know more. Ideas, inventions and innovations call us to think, change society and improve quality of life. For Florida’s Cade Museum, the calling is “to spark the spirit of creativity inherent in every visitor.”

Museums need to generate funding through ticket sales, ancillary enterprises, membership and fund raising to support their non-profit organization mission. They have buildings to build, programs to support, staffs to hire, exhibits to maintain and change. The dollars come from sound fundraising principles and good ideas. If you are in the Carolinas, we’re right around the corner. If you’re in the Southeast, we’ve helped others like you…so let’s explore your fundraising challenges.

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